Film Recording That’s Fast, Flexible, and File Freindly

The eBeam Imgaing Electron Beam Recorder (EBR) provides the precise, high speed recording of complex images demanded by modern technology.  Using an electron beam, the system converts digital data that represent vectors, rasters, graphic arts-quality characters and symbols, bit mapped alphanumeric characters, graphic plots, or variable density pictures into text, graphics, or images on film.

Electron beam technology is widely used in scanning and transmission electron microscopes and e-beam lithography in the manufacture of integrated circuits. eBeam engineers have applied the electron beam technology to recording on film and have made the EBR practical and economical for many data, graphics and image recording applications.

The electron beam in an eBeam Imaging system is focused and deflected over the recording format using a precision electromagnetic system controlled by digital commands. This deflection flexibility permits the recording of both vector and raster data.

The e-beam technology provides systems that are markedly faster than conventional technologies, while producing consistent high-quality images for a wide variety of applications. 

Our technical staff builds electron beam film recorders that set new standards of excellence in several applications. The MicroPublisher 6000 is the leading microfilm recorder in the world, with the ability to run 16mm, 35mm, and 105mm film in any format, in halftone and grayscale, with up to 6000 dpi and 72x reduction ratios at speeds five times faster than conventional COM recorders and film writers. The Cinema EBR 2000 outputs fine grain, high resolution red, green and blue color separation masters are used to print color composite frames or black and white frames for motion picture applications. The TerraView 6000 records film transparencies and hardcopy output of satellite and aerial photography imagery.    eBeam Film Recorders come in all different sizes,  Let us design an eBeam recorder for your unique application. 

MicroPublisher 6000

The MicroPublisher 6000 film recorder provides service bureau and micropublishers 16mm, 35mm, and 105mm microfilm output. 

TerraView 6000

The TerraView 6000 film recorder provides 5.5 in and 9.5 in hardcopy output for satellite and aerial  applications.

Cinema EBR

The Cinema EBR 2000 film recorder provides 35mm motion picture archival output for preservation of motion pictures.