eBeam Imaging Is Dedicated To Research And Development

eBeam  is dedicated to the improvement of our electron beam technology through challenging research and development projects in the area of advanced image technology. Together with our high resolution Electron Beam Recorders, advanced test equipment, experienced engineers, and seasoned project leaders; eBeam Imaging is a strong research and development partner for universities, private industry and the United States Government.  While our research efforts are primarily focused on eBeam Imaging work we are open to many other areas 

Through the power of low inertia electron beams that can be precisely controlled, eBeam technology fosters the advantages presented below:

Advantages of eBeam Technology

  • Unparalleled Resolution
    • Direct Exposure to media without lens diffraction
  • Wide Deflection of a High Resolution Exposure Beam
  • Patented Geometric Correction to make resolution unparalleled in the corners
  • Electron exposure is up to 10,000 times greater than light; therefore low beam current (nano amperes ) are required for exposure

                     Precision Control of D-MIN and D-MAX
                     Maximum Dynamic range can be achieved through beam current and timing

  • Roll to Roll Capabilities:

             16mm x 1000′
              35mm x 1000′
              105mm x 1000′
              5″ x 500′
              5.5″ x 500′ 
              9.5 x 200′
              Customized  Formats

  • Proven Exposure on many conventional and non conventional materials.

                       Conventional Wet Processed Silver Halide Film
                       Processles film
                       Dry Silver Film
                       Electron Beam Resists for plate applications

  • Support of Raster and Vector Digital Formats

 eBeam is actively looking for opportunities to test the conductivity and exposure characteristic of advanced materials for many different markets.  eBeam Imaging is seeking research partners with promising materials.   Together we can create test plan to expose your advanced materials in one of our military rated film recorders.

Advanced Materials

Let us test your advanced materials in our eBeam Imaging Research Testing Facility.

Electron Beam Resists

Let us test your advanced materials in our eBeam Imaging Research Testing Facility.

High Vacuum Testing

Let us build your high vacuum test fixture in our eBean Imaging Testing Facility.

Calibration Targets

eBeam Imaging has a long history of providing camera, scanner and satellite manufacturers test targets for calibration and alignment of finely tuned sensors.