High Quality Digital To Microfilm And Microfilm Preservation Services

eBeam Imaging information processing and preservation services division is a leader in providing conversion services for digital to microfilm, microfilm duplication,  and digital to digital data conversion.   Together with our reseller channel and parent company eBeam Imaging can help with your next scanning requirement.  An eBeam service solution is never far away, as our reseller channel participants maintain and operate some of the best scanning equipment in the world.  

At eBeam Imaging, we recognize that the microfilm best value is to be part of a proven Records Management or Data Archival Solution.   For this reason we often provide customers complete solutions, developing document management systems and outsourcing services for regulatory and preservation requirements.    

Digital To Film Services

eBeam Imaging Digital to Film Conversion Services 

  • Superior Quality
  • Gray-Scale Option 
  • Annotated Film
  • Any Format (including 35mm) 
  • 500 year certification

Microfilm Services

eBeam Imaging offers a complete compliment of Microfilm Services

  • Silver Duplication
  • Diazo Duplication
  • Acetate to Polyester
  • Film Storage

Imaging Services

eBeam Imaging Offers a wide Range of Imaging Solutions

  • Paper to Digital 
  • Film to Digital
  • Digital to Digital 
  • Cradle to Grave Solutions